CBD Edibles Are Coming to Canada This Holiday

Christmas holidays will be arriving early for Canadians this year as weed and Cannabidiol edibles will finally hit the shelves. After one long year of waiting, marijuana edibles are finally being released for public consumption this December. After the legalization in October 2018, Canadians were wondering where the products were. People could find only oils, flower, seeds and cannabis plants. The beginning of adult-use cannabis was pretty slow with limited products to choose from.

In October this year, the government has introduced new regulations governing the sale of new cannabis products. After about 60 days of proposal submission, Canadians will finally see topicals, edibles, extracts and drinks available for ingestion and inhalation.

The Specifics of Edibles in Canada

While citizens are pretty excited about seeing edibles available through legal sources, the THC and CBD edibles Canada version will look somewhat different than what we see in other places like Oregon, Washington and Colorado. As the product category is under restriction in Canada, a package of edibles must not exceed 10mg of THC. Compared to this, edibles in some other regions contain up to 100mg per package. In the United States, single servings are restricted to about 10mg but the package is allowed more potency.

Legal Limits for Edibles

The government has decided to put strict limits on the amount of THC per package and not per serving. This will change the way edibles look in Canada as compared to southern neighbors. Moreover, adding vitamins, alcohol, nicotine or minerals to edibles is not allowed. There also exists a restriction on the level of caffeine in the THC. The government has also focused on packaging and labeling. Each package should indicate the amount of THC and CBD per serving and its dried flower equivalent. Just like any other food item, cannabis edibles will show a detailed list of nutrients and ingredients.

What You Should Know Before Trying?

Cannabis edibles work quite differently as compared to other consumption methods. Even CBD gummies can feel different than tinctures and oils though they are non-intoxicating. The first thing you should know before trying these edibles is that they go through your digestive tract and the onset does not start right away. How fast you see the effects actually depend on your body’s metabolism. It can take up to two hours to experience the full effects.

Another consideration is that you should not take another dose if you have eaten edibles and don’t feel anything. People have reported they start feeling the effects of two doses at once at times. It is recommended that you wait if doubtful.

Difference Between THC and CBD Edibles

Cannabidiol edibles are not covered under the rules the government just introduced as these products are non-intoxicating. This means these edibles don’t cause any discomfort as experienced with THC products. CBD has an amazing safety profile. Though some known side effects of cannabidiol include diarrhea, appetite changes and tiredness, they are generally rare and not so serious when they occur. Both THC and Cannabis edibles can be purchased through mail order marijuana services that deliver the products to doorsteps. But if you are trying them for the first time, you should start low and go slow. As CBD edibles have no psychoactive effects, you can follow the instructions on the package to decide the dosing.

Canadians have been longing to see new products in the recreational market. Edibles will be finally available in December; so if you haven’t yet tried making them at home, you can get ready to give them a try!